Frequently Asked Questions

How long until you answer?
Last Updated 4 years ago

We endeavor to provide the best support possible, however, non-emergency tickets are not answered all the time. Additionally, higher priority tickets are answered first when appropriate.

In all we really want to help and will answer as quickly as possible. Updating the ticket, known as bumping, or creating new tickets will only make our ability to respond slower and less effective.

While we know how important your business is to you, we have very specific guidelines for what constitutes an emergency. If one of these4 items below is not true, then most likely it is not an emergency. Making emergency level support requests that do not meet any of the criteria below can result in fees and additional charges. You can read more here in our Terms of Service Policy.

  • Your website is down and you have already verified this here.
  • Clients details or transactions cannot be completed and you have verified the issue is not with an outside vendor such as UPS, PayPal etc.
  • You have been asked for access by a Law Enforcement Agent.

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